MVC Forum is a bulletin board system, also known as a forum, running on Microsoft's ASP.NET MVC stack. The initial goal of the project is to include the most common features from some of the better known bulletin board systems (see below).

Intially we are focused on getting the basic features worked into our current project. The solution is built using a provider model, so it's possible to replace parts of the system with your own code, if you're not satisfied with what we provide. The basic solution is using Ninject for dependency injection and Entity Framework for data access.

MVC Forum is an open source project (yes, it's free!), and can be found on Codeplex.

The "competition"

Running a forum online isn't exactly a new idea. There are several other products out there already. Most of these, if not all, are a lot older than our product. Most are free, some are not, most are for PHP and MySQL, some run on ASP.NET and MS SQL Server, and we might even include a few that runs on ASP.NET MVC - when they are ready for first release!

Take a look at the list, depending on your requirements, our forum might be the better alternative!


Lots of sites use this, it's free, has a long list of features, a big community, lots of different templates/designs, phpBB. It runs off PHP and MySQL.

Simple Machines Forum

Again a free community solution with lots of themes/designs, it runs off PHP and MySQL, it's SMF.


Another community solution. This one isn't free! It runs on PHP and MySQL, it's vBulletin. Without knowing this product, it looks like it's more of a complete site solution, not just a forum.

Yet Another Forum

Another free solution, with another long list of features. A mature product running on ASP.NET v3.5 and MS SQL Server, Yet Another Forum

Your project?

If you feel your project should be on our list, visit the contact page!